This is an Alliance for Bhikkhuni interview with Małgorzata Dobrowolska, director of the documentary film, “Bhikkhunī – Buddhism, Sri Lanka, Revolution”. Read more >>


Bhikkhunī – Buddhism, Sri Lanka, Revolution: A Film on the Epicenter of Theravada Female Ordinations  Read more >>



The Nuns’ Revolution: Restoration of Bhikkhuni Ordination. The Buddha established an order of fully ordained nuns during his lifetime, but it died out across southern Asia a millennia ago…  Read more >> 


Baldwin Wallace University’s own Dr. Ellen Posman, associate professor and chair of the religiondepartment, is featured as the scholarly expert in an award-winning documentary which showcases a few of the hierarchal plights that women face in religion. Read more >>



Women in the Theravada Tradition
With the help of a 2016 KF Ashoka Grant, Malgorzata Dobrowolska from Poland created an inspiring and empowering documentary about women’s ordination in Theravada Buddhism. The film, Bhikkhuni: Buddhism, Sri Lanka, Revolution, follows the first modern bhikkhunis (nuns) from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Thailand, exploring what motivated each woman to seek ordination, as well as the challenges they have met and overcome on the path. Read more >>


“I’ve now organized 3 screenings. The film was well received and discussion afterwards went well over time. Everybody was very interested. For me personally it was lovely to see Ayya Kusuma again. Thank you so much for making this documentary. Most people look at Asia and see all those nuns but do not know they don’t have the same status and there is so much discrimination behind it.” – Ayya Vimala

“I’ve experienced a lot of emotions, while watching the movie. I am utterly touched by the determination of these nuns, their extraordinary courage and the fact that they act in solidarity and support each other. I think that this made them take this very important step. Thank you very much and I am glad that such processes take place.” – Agnieszka Olszewska-Kaczmarek, Singer-songwriter of Back To The Ocean

“I loved watching this documentary because it is yet another won battle of women fighting for equality. It is empowering to know about women like Kusuma, Dhammananda, and Gautami Samayiki who never accepted the biases and limits imposed by society (or religious organization). Women like them are so inspiring because of their leader-type personality and how they paved the way for other women to be able to have the opportunities that weren’t previously available. I really find this documentary interesting and I liked what Bikkhu Sujato said that the Buddha was certainly a feminist because it is the Buddha’s mission to establish the four-fold community which includes everyone- the monks, nuns, laymen, and laywomen.” – Utah Film Festival & Awards

“The whole project is very important, because very few people are aware of the issue of women ordination in the Theravāda tradition. Thanks to the publicity and support, there will be a chance to stop this harmful situation that has been going on for hundreds of years.” – Alicja Brylińska, editor of