Work on a documentary film

1. Work on a documentary film is very personal to me. I believe that film can change the world. I feel that there is a great need of stories regarding women and told from the perspective of women. For me, the most important topic is women and spirituality.  I am highly interested in telling stories about  the rebirth of women’s spirituality and about positive changes for women that are currently taking place in the world’s religions.

Concerning women in Buddhism, I am interested in a number of topics, ranging from the situation of women in Tibetan Buddhism, through the development of monastic educational centers for women around the world, as well as Buddhist teachings presented from the perspective of women.

My thematic scope at a glance: Buddhism, Hinduism, Shamanism, women’s circle, Goddess, ecology, LGBT equality – especially lesbians, alternative communities, conscious dance, Herstory

2. Your topic and goals + my involvement
There are thousands of topics, goals and motivations. My goal is to fully understand your topic and your motivation. I will present you with suggestions and ideas on what is the best way to tell your story and will do my best to understand and fulfill your expectations.

3. Film production costs, but fortunately I am experienced at making documentaries on my own. I can be director, scriptwriter, cinematographer and editor therefore costs are kept at a minimum compared to the employment of an entire film crew. However, if you prefer to invest more I am also available for work in a team which I enjoy as well.

4. I am available to work worldwide. I enjoy traveling and living in Spiritual Centers or alternative communities. Also, during the time of film editing I would like to live in the place where the topic is situated.

Art is great way to spread ideas.  Today, film is the most powerful tool for telling stories. It combines all of the pieces of image, word and music to capture your target audiences’ hearts and imagination. Let’s use it to change the world!

If you are interested in cooperation  please write to me at:

Małgorzata Dobrowolska