Special offer for Buddhist communities – Film Screening to Support Bhikkhunis

Use this film as a powerful tool to raise awareness and financial support for the Bhikkhuni cause. Organize a Charity Film Screening to Support Bhikkhunis.

In this case I can offer screening of the documentary in your Buddhist community FOR FREE.  Voluntary donations offered by viewers are appreciated and can be donated as a Dāna to your chosen Bhikkhunī community. 

If you are interested in hosting a Charity Film Screening please write to me at bhikkhuni.doc@gmail.com. Please provide basic information about your community by sending me a completed and signed form. Download the form.

You are not sure which Bhikkhuni community to support?
Below are suggestions:

  1. Bhikkhuni communities presented in the documentary. Download the list.
  2. 16th Sakyadhita Conference on Women in Buddhism https://16thsakyadhitasponsorship.raisely.com  There are many practitioners, both ordained and lay, that wish to attend but require sponsorship to do so.
  3. Anukampa Bhikkhuni Project https://anukampaproject.org Anukampa Bhikkhuni Project aims to promote the teachings and practices of Early Buddhism, through establishing a Bhikkhuni presence in the UK.


To host a film screening you need a  projector, laptop, loudspeakers and white screen or simply a white wall.  If there is not a large audience,  a large TV will be suitable.

I will provide  a link to download the film (English version, Full HD mp4 file) and materials needed for the promotion of the event (film description, poster and stills).